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You will find more info here about:

  • Buying items such as Tickets from our online shop
  • Accessing your Shop Account
  • Managing your Shopping Basket to change the number of items you wish to purchase (using you Online Shopping basket)
  • How to redeem a GroupOn Voucher

    Buying items such as Tickets:

    Guidelines below refer to links or buttons by having these highlighted in same colours as used on the website throughout your purchasing steps.

    Step 1: Sign in on your account with us by using the Login / Register link at top of website. If you haven't created an account with us before, please sign up for account with us first using the Sign up --> link.

    An email address will be needed to email the order confirmation and link to download ticket.

    Once you have created an account, please allow about a minute for registration process to complete in background before signing in after which you can sign in using the Login / Register option at very top of this website 

    Step 2: Once signed in (the link at top of website should now say My Account. Next choose your Shop items and don't forget to check also you haven't already added any items to your online shopping basket by clicking on  MY BASKET  at top while shopping without being signed in. For new ticket(s), choose by clicking on the  Book Tickets  at top

    Click on Ticket of your choice & choose how many adults/children will be visiting us as well as the date and time of your visit. Proceed with your order by clicking  Add to Cart .

    Step 3: Review the number of tickets (see next help topic below to change number of tickets before purchasing).

    Proceed by clicking on   Checkout   from your Basket / Cart.

    Step 4: Enter Billing Address and proceed by clicking  Continue to payment method .

    For Free tickets (applicable to events such as 1916|2016 Tickets) proceed to next step by clicking on the  Continue to shipping method  to confirm tickets download will be sent via email followed by clicking on  Continue to payment method . Note: You won't be charged for the free tickets as we'll just need to confirm the Billing Address for emailing you the free tickets.

    Step 5: Complete your order by clicking on the  Complete Order 

    Step 6: Download and print your Ticket(s) from the email confirmation sent to the email address as used to sign in.

    Accessing your Shop Account:

    Once you are signed in on our shop (link to Signin is at top of our site), use the My Account link to view your profile details as well as your transactions history. If you are a new to us, simply SignUp here

    Managing your Shopping basket:

    Should you wish for example to edit the number of tickets to purchase prior to proceeding to the payment page, you can review what's currently in your basket:

    After you have signed in, click on  MY BASKET  

    From the Basket as shown below, press the Delete link for the relevant ticket followed by using the "Continue Shopping" link to select new tickets:

      Redeeming GroupOn Voucher:

      From time to time, GroupOn Vouchers offers are are made available and can be redeemed on our Tickets section as booking date and time prior to arriving is necessary. If you have purchased or received a GroupOn voucher, then the ticket has been paid for already and the voucher can then be used on our Tickets section to fully redeem the ticket price. The voucher can be redeemed as follows:

      • Ensure you have created an account with us also and you are signed in on our shop
      • Click on "Book your Tickets" at top of shop and choose either the 10.30am or 15.30pm Combined Museum and Tour and choose the date of your visit
      • Then pre-book your chosen date by pressing "Add to Cart"
      • Review the date and time and then proceed to Checkout
      • You'll be able to enter your GroupOn Voucher in the discount box




       Once applied:


      • Redeeming the voucher will clear the balance to €0 & you are now ready to confirm the booking by pressing "Continue to Payment Method"