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  • Why are there more tickets than expected in my Shopping Basket?
  • Accessing your Shop Account
  • Managing your Shopping Basket to change the number of items you wish to purchase (using you Online Shopping basket)

    Why are there more items in my Basket than expected?

    Previous searches you may have done in the past for items on our shop are remembered for your convenience. These will remain in the Online Shopping Basket if you have added these to the cart checkout on our website without proceeding to purchase them.

    For visitors returning to our website, we recommend checking the Basket for your Account before proceeding with payment in case there are still some items remembered from last time. More info about managing the number of items in the Basket can be found below. For more information on our Refund Policy, please review our Terms & Conditions of Purchase.

    Accessing your Shop Account:

    Once you are signed in on our shop (link to Signin is at top of our site), use the My Account link to view your profile details as well as your transactions history. If you are a new to us, simply SignUp here

    Managing your Shopping basket:

    Should you wish for example to edit the number of items to purchase prior to proceeding to the payment page, you can review what's currently in your basket:

    After you have signed in, click on  MY BASKET  

    From the Basket as shown below, press the Delete link for the relevant item followed by using the "Continue Shopping" link to select new items: