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What will you find when you visit us?

Glasnevin Cemetery Museum, both the guardian and storyteller for over 1.5 million people. From the ordinary to the truly extraordinary, these people helped shape the Ireland of today. We want to share their stories and times with you through tours of the cemetery, a visit to the museum or through a genealogy search for your family history.

Daily Public and Group Tours

Join our famous tours! We run both daily public tours or we can tailor tours for groups of 15 or more at a time that suits you.

Interactive Exhibition and Genealogy

Permanent exhibitions at Glasnevin Cemetery Museum include 'City of the Dead', 'Prospect Gallery' and 'Milestone Gallery'. 'City of the Dead' is a history of the cemetery, Glasnevin Trust and even a reconstructed exhibition of how a grave robber conducted his grim business. The glazed 'Prospect Gallery' offers periodic historical exhibitions over a panoramic view of the cemetery along with information on it's marvellous array of funeral monuments and historic graves. The 'Milestone Gallery' is home to the Milestone Timeline, a never before attempted piece of exhibition design technology. This touch screen table contains 200 life stories spanning almost 200 years and also illustrates the links between the different people who tell the story of modern Ireland.

When arriving at Glasnevin Cemetery Museum you will also be given a Genealogy Voucher worth €5 which can be redeemed using our Online Genealogy. We have digitised all our burial and cremation records from present day to very first burial in 1828.

Our resident genealogist Lynn Brady, will be available to help you in your family research in our Genealogy Research area on first floor or our museum.

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