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Genealogy Search Credits

Purchase your Genealogy Search Credits to search our burial or cremation records - €1 equals 1 Credit. Add Search Credits to your shopping cart below.

3 Credits for Standard Burial/Cremation Search 
8 Credits for Extended Burials by Grave Search (include all others in same grave)
+ 2 Credits for where Book Extract(s) available

Your Genealogy Search Credits balance will be topped up once these are purchased from our Shop.You can then apply Credits against genealogy records you found in the results list. To view the details after you have made your search choice, use the "View details" button in our Online Genealogy.


  • The top up may take a few minutes to update your account and the balance of your Genealogy Search Credits can be viewed from "My Account" area once you are signed in on our Genealogy
  • You can at any time go back and review your Search History online by signing back in on our Online Genealogy and from the "MyAccount" area, use the "View Account History"


Category: Genealogy

Type: Credits

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